New Energy
In the most pivotal "three electricity" (batteries, motors and electric control) related technology for NEVs, GWM has already begun its layout and has always insisted on "excessive investment" in research and development.

Safety is set as the core value of GWM, at he beginning phase of each vehicle development, cares are taken for the whole process of driving to realize the overall safety of passengers, pedestrians and vehicles.

A perfect dialogue between human and vehicle is achieved through interconnection. With an intelligent experience, everything is in control.

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New Energy

Strategic Layout Of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) Development

GWM has always insisted on "excessive investment " in research and development. In the most pivotal "three electricity " (batteries, motors and electric control) related technology for NEVs, GWM has already begun its layout. In addition, GWM has strengthened the research and development of new products, new energy and intelligent vehicles and the construction of the new technology center. A NEV trial-production laboratory has now been built.

R&D Direction and Products

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
The technology-leading Pi4 platform can help realize three driving functions - FWD, RWD and 4WD depending on different product requirements, and it can be extended to a pure electric 4WD platform, 48V hybrid platform and other architectural modes. On this platform, luxury SUV brand - WEY VV7 PHEV and VV7 GT PHEV have been launched.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
The products based on the ME platform exclusively for BEVs include A00 to A0 cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. On this basis, ORA, the exclusive EV brand, is launched, and ORA iQ and R1 are released. These models feature lightweight and long endurance by virtue of the ME platform, the exclusive EV platform developed by GWM.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)
It is planned to exhibit the first platform-based FCEV model in 2020. The first fuel cell electric vehicles will be launched at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The hydrogen fuel cell models will be officially launched in 2025. In the future, new energy models will be included in the next-generation mainstream models of GWM four brands.

Global Cooperation

On July 10, 2018, in the presence of Chinese and German government officials, a joint venture agreement was reached between GWM and BMW to establish “Spotlight Automotive” with a 50:50 shareholding ratio. Incorporating the technology, resources and management advantages of both parities, the joint venture will focus on new energy vehicles and aim at the global market.

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Active & Passive Safety

GWM vehicles are equipped with the latest Active & Passive Safety features and have passed some of the strictest international safety criteria like the rollover crash test along with receiving the prestigious ANCAP safety rating.

The active safety features in our cars that helps prevent accidents include electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, speed & lane control and collision warning amongst many others.

While the passive safety features include high-rigidity and extremely strong body structure with multi-level crumple zones along with Double SRS, ABS & EBD, driver, passenger and curtain airbags to ensure the security of driver and passengers.

T Safety

Occupant Safety
Design a 9 dimensional protection to all the different stages involved in a driving task, to lower the probability of an accident to happen in advance and to mitigate the occupant injury level during the crash if inevitable.

Pedestrian Safety
Through active safety technologies like active pedestrian detection, passive structural design and intelligent pedestrian air bag system, reduce the pedestrian accident rate and mitigate pedestrian injury.

Vehicle Safety
Combining advanced configurations of Telematics, electronic theft proof and modern vehicle part technology, offers an integrated theft prevention system; Through better vehicle insurance structural design, lower the vehicle damage level and repair cost in low speed crash scenarios, thus serving better vehicle protection to customers.

Safety Laboratory

The Great Wall Motor Safety Laboratory with advanced test capabilities started operations in April 2008 with a track length of 325 meters covering an area of 12,000 square meters.The safety laboratory covers four functional test rooms- vehicle crash test room, simulated crash test room, pedestrian protection test room and component safety test room, forming a complete passive safety performance development test system. The lab adheres to international independent innovation and development standards, and has built NCAP and C-IASI, IIHS and other insurance evaluation capabilities.

The safety laboratory has completed the safety performance testing of dozens of models such as Great Wall Sedan/Pickup Series, Haval SUV Series, WEY Series, and New Energy Vehicle Series. Through the efficient integration of performance analysis and product development, we have successfully ensured that each model adheres to the highest safety standards and NCAP star goals are achieved.

Safety Corevalue

Safety is set as the core value of GWM, at the beginning phase of each vehicle development, not only the NCAP star rating goals are set up, but also the field accidents are fully considered. GWM also devote herself to the promotion and propagation of the safety notion, in order to better proliferate safety notion and safety sense among all the consumers.

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Intelligent Network

GWM has been leading the industry in the layout of intelligent network, and took the lead in the R&D of key technologies such as 5G, autopilot and V2X. In 2009, GWM started the research on automatic driving technology, and displayed L3 level automatic driving technology to the public for the first time in 2015. At the beginning of 2017, GWM officially launched the "i-pilot" autopilot system jointly developed by China, the United States and India. In March 2018, the 5G-based autonomous remote driving technology jointly developed by GWM, China Mobile and Huawei passed the test at GWM’ Xushui Testing Ground. At the end of 2018, GWM’ National Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Mobility (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone was also put into operation.

GWM has cooperated with leading enterprises in the information industry such as Huawei, China Mobile, DTT, Alps, Neusoft, NovAtel, BDStar Navigation, NavInfo and Baidu in the technical fields of 5G, LTE-V2X, DSRC, GNSS Navigation and HD Map.

Intelligent Ecology

On July 15, 2019, GWM released the "GTO intelligent ecological strategy", an experience service centering on car, mobility and life. GWM announced that the era of traditional Multi-purpose Vehicle was coming to an end. In cooperation with eight strategic partners, namely Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei and Qualcomm, GWM will build GTO intelligent ecology. They will jointly build the mobility robot that is based on 5G and AI technologies and driven by experience and brings whole life circle experience and services to users, build GTO intelligent ecology, and create a new era of mobility robot.

Passenger Car Automatic Driving System Solution

Taking the domain controller as the starting point, we provide customers with overall autopilot solutions, including sensors, domain controllers, system architecture design, development and testing, etc; to maximize synergies, we extend different levels of autopilot functions based on a unified hardware and software platform.

We provide HWA, HWP, Autonomous Urban Drive and domain controller, key sensors and other system products and services.

Highway Driving Assistance (HWA)

L2.5 HWA is a driving assistance system that integrates multiple functions. The system is designed to free the driver’s hands and feet and improve driving comfort.

It includes early warning, active collision avoidance and other safety functions.

AEB and Emergency Steering Function
Vehicles/pedestrians/bicycles AEB, automatic emergency steering, intersection AEB.

Full-Direction Active Collision Avoidance Safety Function
Front and Rear Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, LKA, ELK.

L2 Multi-Lane Intelligent Driving Assistance
In the lane, the vehicle can realize off-hand driving, automatic lane change assistance, intelligent speed control and smart avoidance.

Highway Autopilot (HWP)

L3+ HWP is a full-scene autopilot system operating on a geologically fenced highway. The system is designed to free the driver's hands and eyes, and improve driving comfort and safety.

In case of system failure, it will remind the driver to take over the vehicle in time, and the safety redundancy system will pull over automatically.

Robo Taxi

Driverless dynamic experience service: We provide customized overall Robo Taxi display solutions and services for main engine plants or other customer groups with display needs.

Commercial operation of Robo Taxi: With the improvement of technology in the display process, we will launch Robo Taxi mobility services in cooperation with mobility companies within a limited scope.

i-Pilot System Future Planning

L3 Vehicle Actuation Platform 1.0
Automated Driving Highway:

  • Toll gate to Toll gate
  • Ramp in and out
  • Lane Centering and Change
  • Traffic Jam and Work Zone

L4 Vehicle Actuation Platform 2.0
Automated Driving Urban:

  • Ride Sharing Service
  • Package Delivery Service
  • Remote Vehicle Calling Over

L4 Vehicle Actuation Platform 3.0
Automated Driving Urban and Highway:

  • Support V2X
  • Support Ride Hailing
  • Support Remote Vehicle Calling
  • Enhanced Intersection Handling Ability

L4+ Vehicle Actuation Platform 4.0
Automated Driving Everywhere:

  • New Business Model
  • Lower Cost, More Intelligent
  • Supporting All MaaS Business Mode
  • State-of-the-Art Sensor Technologies Imported